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Release Date:  22/12/22
Genres:  Puzzle - Platformer


Platforms:  Q2, PCVR, PSVR2
Developer:  Rayscape

Ascend the mystical mountain

Washed up on an uncharted island after losing your crew, You look for shelter. Disaster strikes again, as you are plunged into the depths of an arcane mountain with no path back.

Solve puzzles and avoid hazards using your intellect and reflexes to scale to the top of the mountain, uncovering the mysteries of a civilization lost to time as you ascend. 

The multiplayer mode introduces new levels and features, Success depends on players thinking as a team to solve even more challenging levels


A dedicated multiplayer mode where you can explore the world with friends and compete with other players via the leaderboard system, complete special achievements and discover hidden areas to unlock rewards such as items for your VR Avatar & Home!


Explore an uncharted island in a magical world rich with lore in an engrossing story.

With a unique artstyle and dynamic music score, You will be immersed exploring the  serene environments where you can learn the secrets of the civilization lost to time

Gripping Gameplay

Unique puzzle elements create groundbreaking VR gameplay, Using Lasers, Portals, Climbing mechanics and advanced physics to creating challenging and remarkable puzzles which will test your wit and problem solving skills

As you scale the mountain, you will discover new items and techniques which will change how you see the world. Using Voxel technology, the levels are built with complex cave networks for exploration and climbing challenges



Gameplay Videos

Here you can watch videos of the game, these include:

- Level Playthroughs

- Developer Updates

- Story/World Guides

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