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Arcane Ascent - Developer Update 3

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

The last couple of months have seen Arcane Ascent make a great deal of progress and we will soon be opening the closed beta for our fans to test!

Gameplay Video

Watch a playthrough of our new two player levels by the developers! This are about halfway through the game and have a good cross-section of puzzle pieces for you to see!

Designers Notes

  • The game is now running smooth on Quest2 !

  • Nailed-down our design and moved into full steam ahead production of the game

  • Refactored all our vertical slice code and pretty much rebased the project

  • Multiplayer is now a top priority, and all our features are working with multiplayer*

  • The art teams have made good progress with the other zones in the game, concepts for the bosses and creatures


  • Below are some concepts and sculpts of some of the work in progress 🎨

Updated Features

  • Core puzzle kit is functioning in multiplayer, the laser beam now animates.

  • Players gravity gloves can now pull, push, slide and rotate objects depending on their type

  • The climbing system now has a stamina meter, and a pull up function to help players with climbing challenges

  • Levels now have 3 collectibles: Motes, Jewels and Hedrons. The last two will contribute to game progression and secret unlocks

  • Our rendering configuration has been optimized to keep a stable frame rate on quest2

Share with friends

Feel free to share #ArcaneAscent with your friends! We will have a closed beta soon

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