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Arcane Ascent - Developer Update 1

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

The depths

Arcane Ascent?

Set on a mysical uncharted island, Arcane Ascent is a VR Puzzle-Platformer and the first game developed by Rayscape. You play as a deckhand who has washed up following a disasterous shipwreck which left you and your crew for dead.

What have you been working on

Arcane Ascent was started life in November 2021 as a 5-person team working remotely. We are building our 'Vertical Slice' - a cross section of the game which is representitive of the finished product. Right now, we are planning out the features and quickly iterating on the design to get the core loop functional and fun. Right now we are working on:

The VR Avatar and its movement system

The core puzzle kit and how it functions (Emitter, Mirror, Sensor)

Spread the word!

Interested in learning more about the project? We have a closed beta test planned and will share more info in the coming months. Feel free to share #ArcaneAscent with your friends, It means a lot to us!

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