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Enter the world of 'Arcane Ascent'

Rayscape Games, UK-based indie games studio is due to release Arcane Ascent end of 2022 and is already making some buzz at #GDC22 this year.

This unique multiplayer experience invites players to solve puzzles in an aesthetically pleasing #VR world. Explore the mystical mountain island with the help of friends (or on your own) to solve mini puzzles in order to advance through cavernous mountain terrain.

Featuring at #GDC22 this week, March 21-25, Rayscape Games is showcasing Arcane Ascent at booth #S449. Meet with some of the Rayscape Games team: Nadir (Studio Head), Sebastian (Senior Level Designer) and Joseph (Lead Gameplay Programmer) and experience the game for yourself!

For further information contact:

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