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What is Arcane Ascent? ๐ŸŒ„

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Arcane Ascent is a Multiplayer VR Puzzle-Platformer designed and built by Rayscape Games!

It has a 15-hour single player story with 36 levels, A collection of multiplayer maps (2-4 players) and planned level editor.

We are releasing on PCVR & Android XR2-Based devices at the end of 2022.

A playthrough of one of the multiplayer levels can be seen below!


Washed up on an uncharted island, disaster strikes again as you are plunged into the depths of a mysical mountain. It looks like a civilization used to be here, but it is now abandoned. Climb to the top by solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles with your friends, Unconvering the mystery of what happened to the people lost to time.

Key Features

GRIPPING GAMEPLAY: Groundbreaking VR gameplay through use of innovative mechanics, such as Climbing, Portals, Lasers and Time dilation that will test your puzzle solving skills and reflexes in ways which are fun and challenging. Complete secondary challenges to unlock secret areas and uncover the mysteries of the mountain. Complete the Single Player story, Or play online.

MULTIPLAYER: Play Co-Op or competitvley with friends in the trail chambers. Get the highest score on our leaderboard system to unlock special rewards to decorate your VR Avatar & Home

MYSTICAL ISLAND: Explore an uncharted island with an amazing art style and serene music score, in a dynamic voxel world, where there are secret areas, floating islands and beautiful vistas.

More info?

Arcane Ascent is currently in Alpha, After 7 months of development. We will be announcing a closed beta test soon, Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram to see the latests updates of the project!

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