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We are making games which we ourselves would want to play. leveraging new technologies to create innovative systems and experiences.

About Our Business

Rayscape Games is an independent video game development studio based in the UK. We are working on our first project "Arcane Ascent" as well as unannounced projects which we plan to release on VR/AR platforms in the future.


Our team members come from a diverse background, with those who have previous published their own games solo, worked at companies such as Epic and Sony as well rising stars who bring new ideas to the table.

What We Are About


We try to push the bar when it comes to quality in our products. using the latest technologies to squeeze every last drop of performance out of the latest hardware.


Building worlds and experiences which stand out by themselves.


Social experience is core to our games, We build multiplayer modes where friends can play with or against each other - creating emergent gameplay and memorable moments. 


We keep a direct line of contact with the community via Discord to share the latest news about our projects and host events in the game.

Our Studio in Brighton

Due to the pandemic, We are working virtually for the time being. We plan to open offices in UK, CA, SG.

Nadir A. Whitelaw

Studio Head - UK


Previously Technical Artist at Tencent 

Credited on AAA titles as an environment artist such as Street Fighter V/FFXV

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Joe F. Bauer

Lead Gameplay Programmer - US


Developed and published 'The Fabled Woods' in partnership with Nvidia

Epic Megagrant recipient

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Sebastian Nussbaumer

Sr. Level Designer - Austria


Lead level designer on Dungeons (2-4)

Sr. Level Designer on Tropico 6

Unreal Instructor at SAE Institute

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Anita Shain

Administrator - UK


Previously Sr. Events and Logistics Manager

Worked with Samsung, EA,

LinkedIn, Redbull

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